The hookah’s origin traces back to India in the 1500’s and was apparently designed by a doctor to the Persian royals. It was smoked after royal dinners and at diplomatic meetings. Other names for the hookah are the water pipe, nargeela or better known in South Africa as a Hubbly or hubbly-bubbly. Sheesha or shisha can be used to either refer to the pipe or the tobacco smoked in it. Different flavours are often mixed according to the smokers’ preference. Many of these names are of Arab, Somalian, Indian, Ethiopian, Turkish, Uzbek or Persian origin. It has been said that Indian men would rather go without dinner, than without their hookah!

Our flavours are used to flavour hookah tobacco. The most popular flavours are:

Aniseed/Liquorice Apple
Banana Grape
Lemon Musk
Mixed Fruit Pineapple
Strawberry Sweet Melon
Tutti Frutti Watermelon
White Grape Yellow Apple
Rose/Turkish delight